Account Plans

Subscribing to a myForest paid plan provides users with access to advanced tools, mappings, and additional functionality to aid their forest creation, management, and planning.

As an environmental charity, your subscription supports the maintenance and continual development of the powerful and effective myForest technology in the long term. We continue to consult with partners and users to ensure our service is reasonable and prudent, and is in line with the delivery of our charitable objects and other public outcomes.

Free Plan

Basic functionality
  • Basic mapping functionality
  • Basic data layers and backgrounds
  • Basic printed maps
  • Forest data inventory
  • myForest Assessor
  • Woodland Creation Planning S1&2
  • EWCO Creation Plans
  • Woodland Management Plans

Paid Plan

Includes everything in Free Plan
  • Advanced mapping functionality
  • Advanced data layers and backgrounds
  • Advanced printed maps
  • Sub-compartment plan
  • Species and Age classification
  • Forestry Commission compliant maps
  • Scottish Forestry compliant maps
  • Natural Resources Wales compliant maps
Forest Owner £24 / year
Forest Agent £120 / year

Forest Owner

£24 / year

Forest Agent

£120 / year

Complete Feature List

Free Plan Paid Plan
Basic Mapping Tools (e.g. drawing)
Advanced Mapping Tools (e.g. buffers)
Basic Data Layers (e.g. national parks)
Advanced Data Layers (e.g. RAMSAR sites)
Basic Backgrounds (e.g. Google Satellite)
Advanced Backgrounds (e.g. OS)
Basic Printed Maps
Advanced Printed Maps (OS mastermap backgrounds include additional charge - read more)
Forest Data Inventory
myForest Assessor
Sub-compartment Plan
Species and Age Class Breakdown
Woodland Creation Planning Grant - Stage 1
Woodland Creation Planning Grant - Stage 2
EWCO Compliant Woodland Creation Maps
EWCO Compliant Woodland Creation Plans
Compliant Woodland Management Plans
Compliant Plan of Operations
Felling Licence Online
Compliant Woodland Creation Maps
Small Woodland Creation Operational Plans
Woodland Creation Operational Plans
Component Areas Table
Felling Licence Application
Compliant Woodland Management Plan
Compliant Woodland Forest Maps
Compliant Felling Licence application maps
Compliant Forest Management Plan maps

Downloading/Printing OS maps

When you download a map from myForest with an OS background, we may need to pay a royalty to OS and therefore we need to pass this on. myForest selects the most appropriate OS background map for the scale you are printing at.

We will always show you the cost of downloading a map before you download it.

Up to 1:3500: OS MasterMap Topography.

1:3,501 and above: OS OpenData (free).

All map downloads that use OS backgrounds above 1:3500 are now FREE for users with Paid Plans to download and print.

Maps scaled 1:3500 and below will be charged for as follows:

Band Amount (per hectare)
1st hectare £4.48
The next 24 hectares £0.56
Each subsequent hectare £0.04