Your forest mapped and managed securely, in one place.

myForest brings the latest technology to the forestry sector, for owners of small forests, community forest groups, environmental charities, and forest management companies. myForest provides comprehensive online mapping, digital tools and the latest resources not only to sustainably manage forests, but to provide unique support for the creation of new forests around Britain.

Across Britain there are significant areas of undermanaged woodland. For instance, in England 50% of private woodland area is unmanaged. Additionally, Britain is one of the least forested countries in Europe (13% against the European average of 40%).

Britain's forests are not fulfilling their potential to deliver for society, through biodiversity, climate and flood regulation, timber production and more.

myForest is a flagship project for the Sylva Foundation. Our mission is to use our forestry knowledge and information technology skills, supported by state-of-art evidence, to provide innovative solutions to some of the greatest environmental challenges facing modern society.

Account Types

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Forest Owner

For those with forests on their land.

If you own or manage a single property which contains forested land and want to map, plan, and manage your forest effectively in a single place, this is the account for you.

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Forest Agent

For those managing multiple sites containing forests.

If you manage multiple properties which contain forested land and want to map, plan, and manage those forests, on behalf of clients or other groups, effectively from a single place, this is the account for you.

Trusted by Foresters Across Britain

Trust at Sylva Foundation

myForest has been a publicly available platform for over 10 years and is currently trusted by over 10,000 existing users across Britain.

Data Security

We are committed to keeping our users' data safe. myForest is certified under the Cyber Essentials assurance scheme. We have integrated hacker protection software, and encrypt all passwords and user information. You can stay assured that your data is kept safe.

Data Privacy

We are committed to keeping our users' data secure by aligning with the strictest security measures available on the market, so you can stay assured that your data is kept safe. Read our privacy policy.

Transparency at Sylva Foundation

Transparency is the guiding force behind our security and privacy principles. We share selected policies, so that you always know how we're keeping your information secure. Read our policies.


4,000+ hectares of new forests planned

200,000+ hectares of forest managed

8,000+ Forest Owners

2,000+ Forest Agents

Forest Lab

Forest Lab is an application within myForest which provides technology and tools to help land managers share data to inform environmental science, and in return improve knowledge exchange between scientists and land managers.

Forest Lab has been designed to support projects conducted to explore a range of specific subjects, from forest health to tree growth, while the data overall will support the National Forest Inventory.

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Sylva Foundation and Forest Research are working in partnership to deliver Forest Lab, enabling myForest users to collect and share data from their woodlands to help support research. myForest users are responsible for about 9% of woodland area across the UK, therefore collectively are able to represent a wide range of woodland types, and to explore many different issues, at thousands of different locations across the country. We hope that as a result we will create a unique and powerful tool to capture important information and data about environmental change.


The Assessor tool is a self-assessment found within the myForest app. Carrying out a self-assessment of your woodland stewardship is a great way to improve your management practices in accordance with the UKFS. The Assessor will provide you with a detailed report and certificate based on the answers you provide to 30 questions.

The questions were developed following a review of scientific evidence, and are based directly on the UKFS. Each question is matched to ecosystem services (e.g. carbon storage, habitat provision, flood alleviation, products and other public benefits) that each of the specified management actions are deemed to enhance. A complex scoring system was developed that took all these factors into account and is now presented with a user-friendly interface on myForest.

There are five levels from entry through to gold, as your score improves, you will move through these levels and eventually become Grown in Britain audit ready.


  • What is myForest?

    myForest is bringing the latest technology to people who manage and create our forests. myForest provides comprehensive online mapping, digital tools, and the latest resources to sustainably manage and create new forests around Britain.

  • Who can use myForest?

    There are over 10,000 myForest users across Britain, including new forest owners to forestry management specialists. While the location, size and type of forest can vary significantly, myForest has supported, and been trusted by those who manage and create forests over the last twelve years.

  • Why should I use myForest?

    In Britain there is an estimated 700,000ha of under-managed woodlands. In addition, as one of Europe’s least forested countries, the UK needs to fulfil its potential in providing a meaningful contribution towards the country’s timber needs.

    myForest supports users through regulation and good practice, making sustainable management and the creation of forests across Britain easier to achieve.

  • Do I have to pay for myForest?

    No. myForest is free to all users. There is an additional myForest Paid Plan for a cost of £24/year for a Forest Owner account and £120/year for a Forest Agent account.

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  • Who runs myForest?

    myForest is the flagship project of Sylva Foundation, an environmental and forestry charity providing innovative solutions to some of the greatest environmental challenges to modern society.

    To find out more about Sylva Foundation, including signing up for regular newsletters or making a donation, please visit our website

The myForest Team

Sylva Foundation has managed and developed myForest for over 10 years, continually working to improve the service offered to all users. With a philosophy of working with users to co-design the tools and functions within myForest to meet their specific needs, the team is always open to new ideas and suggestions.

Rich Pigott

Head of Web Development

Ollie Price

Web Developer

Gwyneth Bradbury

Web Developer

Paul Orsi

Director of Operations

Andrew Clark

Head of Forestry

Gabriel Hemery

Chief Executive