premium accounts

The myForest premium account is a major upgrade to myForest.

A premium account provides new functionality including access to Ordnance Survey digital mapping which is often a requirement for those wanting to submit formal documents to government bodies. Quality maps are also useful in instances where aerial imagery is poor.

Those with premium accounts will also have access to enhanced map printing functionality as well as improved record keeping and report generating options.

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To access premium accounts, please first log in or register.

woodland owner account

owning or managing a single property

£24 per year

agent account

for professionals that manage several properties on behalf of clients

£120 per year

There are additional usage charges for viewing and printing Ordnance Survey maps.
We are passing these costs onto users from Ordnance Survey.

Since its development in 2009, myForest has become a popular online service used by thousands of woodland owners, managers and educators, to map and manage over 75,000ha of woodland across Britain. Its development has been supported in part by charitable trusts, government bodies, corporations, and individual donors. However, myForest requires funding to support maintenance and development, and the charity receives frequent requests for new features. Sylva Foundation aims to retain the core functions of myForest as a free service to encourage more sustainable woodland management, while users subscribing to a premium account will provide much-needed funding to support the maintenance and development of the service.

lite premium
Basic Mapping
Woodland Star Rating
Management Plans (compliant with FC England and Scottish Forestry)
Felling licence application (Scottish Forestry)
Deer Management Functionality (including mobile app)
Plan of Operations (compliant with FC England)
Sub-compartment planning (inventory, work programme, management notes)
Print Management Plans
Collaborative Management Tools
Printing maps - basic
Advanced Mapping Features
Premium Ordnance Survey Mapping *additional costs apply
Free Ordnance Survey Mapping
Link to Felling License Online (FC England)
Overlaying additional data layers (e.g. ancient woodland)
Work programme - export to spreadsheet
Species and age class reports
Printing maps - advanced
cost per month FREE £2 / £10

Ordnance Survey mapping costs

myForest provides access to Open Zoomstack, VectorMap District, and the premium datasets VectorMap Local and Mastermap Topography.
Open Zoomstack is free to use, and the premium data is licensed and charged for.
Users can view OS mapping in two ways: on-screen viewing and printing (downloads).

On-screen viewing

To view OS maps on myForest we are using the OS Session model. This means you only pay to view OS maps when you need them. It may be that you use OS mapping to draw your sub-compartment boundaries but for other work, such as drawing features you can use other mapping backdrops.

Each session lasts 24 hours and is based on the area you have chosen to view. The OS mapping backdrops you can view in this session are Mastermap Topography, VectorMap Local and VectorMap District.

You will be told in advance the cost of your viewing session. The pricing structure for onscreen viewing is:

Band Amount (per hectare)
1st hectare £0.57
The next 24 hectares £0.007
Each subsequent hectare £0.004


To view 10ha of OS mapping for 24 hours:
(1ha @ £0.57) + (9ha @ £0.007 = £0.06) = £0.63

To view 100ha of OS mapping for 24 hours:
(1ha @ £0.57) + (24ha @ £0.007 = £0.17) + (75ha @ £0.004 = £0.30) = £1.04

Printing / Downloading

When you download a map from myForest with an OS background we need to pay a royalty to OS under their Printed Products Contract which we are passing on. myForest selects the most appropriate OS layer for the scale you are printing at. These are as follows:

Up to 1:2000: Mastermap Topography
Band Amount (per hectare)
1st hectare £4.48
The next 24 hectares £0.56
Each subsequent hectare £0.04
1:2001 - 1:10,000: VectorMap Local
Band Amount (per hectare)
Up to 100 hectares £0.12
Above 100 hectares £0.008

1:10,001 - 1:50,000: VectorMap District - free

1:50,001 - 1:100,000: Strategi - free.

Ordnance Survey mapping comparison

Zoomstack mapping is available at all scales, and it is of a comparable level of detail to the VectorMap District dataset, which is best for display at scales of 1:10,000 and above.
At larger scales, Zoomstack has a lower level of detail compared to the premium datasets.
This can be seen in these comparison images.