myForest Deer Manager

an easy to use tool for managing deer populations

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Many woodlands suffer significant impacts from deer populations, creating poor ecological conditions. Improving their condition requires considered and consistent management of deer populations often in collaboration across a landscape.

Developed in partnership with the Deer Initiative, myForest Deer Manager allows land owners and land managers to store and monitor their deer management information. Used in conjunction with the Deer Manager Mobile app it provides a powerful tool for monitoring and assessing deer populations and their imapcts.

  • Create a Deer Management Plan
  • Store stalking information imported from the Deer Manager Mobile app
  • Ability to import information from multiple stalkers
  • View outings and cull locations on your screen
  • Export data in pre-rendered report or Excel spreadsheet

Guidance for Deer Manager is available here.

Deer Manager Mobile

The Deer Manager Mobile app allows stalkers to store and submit cull and outing information without the need for paper records. This includes:

  • Individual locations, age and weights for each cull
  • Ability to report deer seen but not culled on an outing.
  • Outing time in and out allowing assessment of stalking effort