myForest Woodland Assessor

The myForest Woodland Assessor tool is a self-assessment found within the myForest Woodland Manager tool. Carrying out a self-assessment of your woodland stewardship is a great way to improve your management practices in accordance with the UKFS. The Woodland Assessor will provide you with a detailed report and certificate based on the answers you provide to 30 questions.

The questions were developed following a review of scientific evidence, and are based directly on the UKFS. Each question is matched to ecosystem services (e.g. carbon storage, habitat provision, flood alleviation, products and other public benefits) that each of the specified management actions are deemed to enhance. A complex scoring system was developed that took all these factors into account and is now presented with a user-friendly interface on myForest.

There are five levels from entry through to gold, as your score improves, you will move through these levels and eventually become Grown in Britain audit ready.

Grown in Britain Certification

Grown in Britain (GiB) is a certification scheme that allows you to provide assurance that your timber is sustainably and responsibly managed according to the UK Forestry Standard. Becoming certified is a positive step towards increasing the supply of home-grown timber in the UK in an environmentally friendly manner.

Becoming a GiB certified woodland is dependent on the successful audit of your supply chain and processes. You will need to choose an auditor from the Grown in Britain approved auditor list.

GiB has a developed a unique, recognisable mark to give robust assurance for home-grown products. Our certification is tailored specifically for the UK's requirements and regulations. Only the Grown in Britain logo is a guarantee that the timber and forest products you produce, process, buy or use, have been grown legally and sustainably in the UK in accordance with UK Government Timber Procurement Policy and conforming to the UK Forestry Standard.

The first Step you can take to becoming GiB certified, is to self-assess your woodland management plan using the myForest Woodland Assessor tool. If you obtain either a silver or gold level you are considered “audit ready” and can request a call back following the steps provided on the GiB woodland owners certification page.

Download Reports

By submitting your self-assessment and storing it within the myForest database enables you to download an assessment report and certificate. This report and certificate is the vital piece of information when you're looking at becoming GiB Certified.

The Woodland Assessor report breaks all key UKFS components apart, listing your answers and areas where you can improve and provides information on how to do that with potential next steps for you to take.

The Woodland Assessor certificate presents the woodland you have assessed and the level you reached.

Built in Help and Guidance

As you move through the questions within the Assessor tool, you may wish to access available help and guidance which has been gathered from various sources.

Clicking on the orange help icon on the specific question you wish to seek more guidance on will create a pop-up providing some guidance text and some useful resources. These resources come in various formats from videos to downloadable pdfs.

How to Use

Creating a myForest account you are able to use the Woodland Assessor tool without needing to set up a premium account.

As mentioned, the Woodland Assessor is found within the Woodland Manager tool. To begin your assessment you will need to launch the Woodland Manager tool. Having launched the Woodland Manager tool you will be able to access the Woodland Assessor in the plan tab.

Opening the Woodland Assessor tool you are able to create a new assessment and get started. You can save your progress and come back to it at any time. You are able to create multiple assessments as you progress through your woodland management journey.

For more detailed guidance please watch our guidance video below.