About myForest

Sylva Foundation has developed the myForest service as an online platform to support sustainable forest management in Britain. The core service is used by thousands of woodland owners, managers, professional agents and educators, to map and manage tens of thousands of hectares of woodlands across Britain (see latest stats). This service remains free to all users, providing an effective means for the charity to support sustainable forest management across the country.

Specific variants of myForest are also available. myForest for Education has been developed to support education initiatives, such as Forest School.

An enhanced version, known as myForest Premium, was launched in March 2019. For a modest monthly fee users can have access to additional data storage and reporting functionality including high quality digital Ordnance Survey maps.

Since its launch in 2009, myForest has been funded by a range of grants and other income provided by charitable trusts, corporations, government bodies, and individual donors. The launch of myForest Premium is a move towards ensuring that the core service, including maintenance and future development, is sustainable for the long term.

Woodland Manager

myForest Woodland Manager helps owners, agents and educator map their woodlands, store information and create management plans.
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Deer Manager

myForest Deer Manager allows land owners and land managers to store and monitor their deer management information. Used in conjunction with the Deer Manager Mobile app it provides a powerful tool for monitoring and assessing deer populations and their impacts.
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myForest for Education

myForest for Education is an easy-to-use and free online application that enables any educator, or young person, to generate straightforward woodland management plans, maps and ecological impact assessments for woodland sites and school grounds.
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